Permakultur design Helgekurs

April 25 – april 27

1900 KR

104 Stensgardvegen Maura 2032 Norway.
60km North~North East of Oslo

Friday 25th, Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th April

From Friday evening at 6:00pm we arrive and meet over a shared dinner
to introduce the weekend objectives and ourselves, greet, meet and
mingle with all participants.

The workshop will focus on the design of the property of 100 hectares, existing residences and associated buildings, business development and how it could potentially integrate into the wider organic food community. We then advance and extrapolate this to consider how both fit in to the
potential Permaculture evolution of a wider dynamic. The workshop will be lead by one of the world’s foremost Permaculture Design consultants, Steve Hart, an Ecology Architect with over 40 years of global experience, now resident in Europe.

Permaculture; the study and development of agricultural productive sustainable systems for landscapes and settlements. From, Permanent Agriculture, Permanent Culture, is a theory for designing integrated systems based on natural material needs in the most sustainable way. Systems which represent the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. Permaculture applies to food production, housing and structures, sustainable technologies, energy management, natural resources, landscapes, animal and plant systems, social and economic structures, ecological patterns and connections. It is beyond ecological farm garden and building design.

Cost for the weekend, 900 Krone. Please bring food to share for all meals. Morning and afternoon tea provided, accommodation is available but needs to be booked separately, camping is free. Please register your interest before April 20th to assist in the smooth coordination. Enquiries and contact.

Download flyer: Permaculture Workshop

(Ovenfor informasjon er fra denne siden: og informasjon er også lagt til i Aktivitetskalenderen somm for øyeblikket er nede og forhåpentligvis åpner veldig snart igjen.)