GEN Ecovillage manuals

Dette er manualer i forskjellige språk som kan lastes ned fra her:

Jeg legger også med en lenke til 10 Økosamfunn over 10 år rapporten.

Innovative ecological and social solutions from ecovillages

The project “Ecovillages for Sustainable Rural Development” has produced 2 case study-based manuals on:

  • socio-cultural aspects of ecovillage establishment and governance  and
  • eco-settlement practices / environmentally friendly technologies

that serve as the main outputs of the project.  To achieve this goal, the project has involved a large and diverse pool of ecological expertise, including researchers, national ecovillage networks and ecovillage inhabitants. By identifying and documenting many inspirational examples and case studies, the manuals aim at contributing to the further development, application and spreading of the sustainable solutions and innovations tailored in ecovillages and regaining the balance between the ecological, socio-cultural and economic dimensions of sustainable living on a broader society level.

Manuals are available in English, Swedish, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish. Click below to read the manuals: