Applied Ecovillage Living 2016

Applied Ecovillage Living 2016
Co-Creating with Nature and the Nature of Oneself 1

3th February 2016 – 11 March 2016

Unique 78% discount opportunity for under 25’s! For more info click here. We are very excited to run its 19th edition of the most holistic Findhorn Ecovillage course! Come and be a part of this movement!».

This pioneering month was inspired during the creation of the Global Ecovillage Network and contributed greatly to the formation of Gaia Education and the curriculum of its most successful international educational programmes.

«There has been so much knowledge, love and passion. This has been a wonderful step on my path to re-gain the knowledge to live with the earth and learn from it.» – Chloe, 18, Scotland, AEL 2015 alumni

Applied Ecovillage Living is about connecting and belonging: connecting the interdependent dots of all of life’s diversity and exploring our place within the whole. You will come away from this programme with a sense of kinship to a rich global movement and gain a greater feeling of belonging to the Earth and the Earth belonging to you. Ecovillages aim to restore the balance between the four elements: earth, air, fire and water, returning humans to a sustainable relationship with all other communities of life. With practical tools and living group experience we will cultivate an embodied sense of self and place. This creates dynamic action in the world and opens you to vision, inspiration and insight into your true purpose in life.

As well as being held by our vibrant community, we will create our own group dynamic and support one another in integrating the rich and diverse content of this course, giving the opportunity to move from theory to practice more deeply, in an environment of being valued for who you are. You will be more able to fully empower yourself and create your own place in the world.

The participants will experience both campuses of the Findhorn Foundation, integrate in the rhythms of the Community, and engage in a living classroom where the theory can be put into practice in playful and deep exploration. Topics covered include: Comprehensive Permaculture design introduction Local organic food production and right livelihood Transition Town training Renewable energy systems and energy efficiency models Cooperative social economies and complementary currencies Inclusive decision-making processes and deep ecology Earth restoration and biological waste water treatments Ecological building and community design Cultural and Spiritual diversity Check out our latest AEL Promotional Video!

Brian, 27, N Ireland, AEL 2015 Alumni

«The essence for me has been the personal enrichment coming from living in a diverse yet focussed community, with an underlying spirituality centred on universe, creation, nature and the oneness of all creation.» Michael, 74, Australia, AEL 2015 Alumni «This course has been inspiring, educational and grounding for me in relation to the problems and solutions facing individual and global survival.»

«I found it to be a very holistic way of living and relating to the entire Earth community – love in action and deep spirituality with a new world view.» Brigitha, 61, India, AEL 2015 Alumni Book Online and complete an enrollment questionnaire.

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