Beyond You & Me – Findhorn

This comes as an invitation to visit Findhorn and experience a workshop around social tools for building strong communities and teams -­‐ while having all your costs (travel, accommodation and course fees) paid for if you are from Europe (EU) and live outside the UK!

A unique possibility -­‐ this might be the last round of EU funding coming through in this particular way… Since this is a different stream, you can apply even if you have had Grundtvig In Service Funding for other workshops or conferences in the past two years.
The workshop is called ‘Beyond You & Me -­‐ Stepping into Active Citizenship’ and is led by Robin Alfred and Kosha Joubert.

 All you need to do is check through the flyer attached, make sure you are interested -­‐ go to the

Findhorn website

scroll down and you will be led to the GEN-­‐Europe website and the application form. You then print out the form and send it to us by post.

All this needs to be done by October 12!

The workshop is specifically geared towards those who have not had much access to higher education. Also, don’t worry if your English is not perfect: you can get a small English course paid for to prepare yourself and the course will integrate participants with varying skill and language levels.

We look forward to seeing you here!

Love and blessings from Findhorn, Kosha & Robin

Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)

President of GEN-International
Managing Director of GEN-Europe
E-Mail: Phone: +44 1309 691973 | +44 7411 303940 skype: koshajoubert (erstatt ATT med riktig symbol @)