Call for Proposals – ICSA Virtual Conference 2024

“Building Communities for Global Social Change”

Dates: Monday 15th Jan, Wednesday 17th Jan and Friday 19th Jan, 2024

Medium: Zoom

Proposal Submission Deadline: 9th June 2023

The 21st century is a time of change and uncertainty. The pandemic forced us to think and act in unfamiliar ways to meet individual and social needs. The climate crisis reminds us how dependent we are on the fine balance of nature. War and natural disasters displace millions of people each year. The age of digitalization tests our social and economic systems. The International Communal Studies Association 2024 virtual conference is dedicated to the roles intentional communities play in fostering social change around the globe.    

Proposals:  We welcome all proposals associated with contemporary and historical intentional communities, for the following conference formats:

·      Academic paper (a 20-minute scholarly paper).

·      Panel (a group of two to four presenters in a 90-minute thematic panel, submitted as one proposal, typically with a scholarly focus).

·      Workshop (a 60-minute session offering practical ideas for communities).

·      Cultural/artistic event (a 60-minute cultural/artistic session led by the submitter – e.g., music, story-telling, poetry, etc.).

·      Interactive event (a 60-minute session moderated by the submitter promoting audience participation – e.g., yoga, casual conversation, thematic discussion).

Submit your proposal on ICSA’s website: You must include:

  1. Title of presentation.
  2. Category: academic paper, panel, workshop, cultural/artistic event, or interactive event.
  3. Names and contact information of all presenters.
  4. An abstract of up to 300 words, suitable for inclusion in the program book.
  5. A 50-word biography for each presenter.

Individuals who submit proposals by 9th June will receive a notification of acceptance or rejection by 30th June.