European Ecovillage Gathering

We fikk denne mailen vedrørende GEN samling 12-17 juli.

Dear friends in the National Networks,

As you know, we are working hard planning the European Ecovillage Gathering and as always we would love to have as wide a diversity of our networks and countries present as possible. There are just two days left for participants to purchase the lower-priced Early Bird tickets so now is a great time to spread the word and ensure everyone who is keen to come is able to.

Could you support us to reach even further in your networks? Maybe by…

  • Sharing a short video or written testimony about the Gathering
  • Translating any part of the Launch Pack into your language
  • Sending a reminder to your mailing lists
  • Re-sharing our social media posts
  • Connecting and sharing with media, networks in your country like Transition Networks, organic/biodynamic, wellness, climate/peace activism and so on… let’s be creative, break out of the corporate social media algorithm and reach those people who would love to learn, play, network and celebrate with us this summer in Nature Comumnity!

If you need anything further from me to promote the Gathering, let me know. We’ll soon also have printable posters and flyers which we can help distribute too.

Thanks and a warm hug until we meet again in person in Germany,