Common Ground statement of values

Ulf Ellingsen holdt et foredrag om Findhorn på 5 november åpent møte i NØF.
Et av de ting han nevnte var forenet grunnverdier som brukes i Findhorn.

The Common Ground is a statement of the common values of the Findhorn Foundation community. It is a living document, a code of conduct, and used as a tool for transformation for ourselves, the community and the world. Everyone who joins the New Findhorn Community Association agrees to abide by this statement of Common Ground.

1. Spiritual Practice I have an active spiritual practice to align with spirit and support me to work for the highest good.

2. Service I bring an attitude of service to others and to our planet, recognising I must also consider my own needs.

3. Personal Growth I am committed to the expansion of human consciousness and my own personal growth. I endeavour to recognise and change personal attitudes and behaviour patterns that are limiting.

4. Integrity I embody congruence of thought, word and action. I take responsibility for the spiritual, environmental and human effects of my activities.

5. Respecting Others I wholeheartedly respect other people – their differences, views, origins, backgrounds and issues. I respect all forms of life and the Community’s and other people’s property.

6. Direct Communication I use clear and honest communication with open listening, heart-felt responses, loving acceptance and straightforwardness. I talk to people rather than about them.

7. Reflection I recognise that anything I see outside myself – any criticisms, irritations or appreciations – may also be reflections of what is inside me, and I commit to looking at these before addressing others.

8. Feedback I am willing to listen to constructive feedback and work with it. I offer feedback to others in a caring and appropriate way to challenge and support each other to grow .

9. Nonviolence I do not inflict my attitudes or desires on others. Where appropriate I step in and stop violence, manipulation or intimidation of myself or others, or at least say that I would like it to stop.

10. Perspective For the benefit of the whole Community I may need to put aside my personal issues. I acknowledge that there may be wider perspectives than my own and deeper issues than those I am immediately aware of.

11. Cooperation