Global Ecovillage Network Conference 2012

Global Ecovillage Network Conference 2012 – Connecting Communities for a Sustainable World, 10.-13. July 2012, Eco-Valley Foundation, Hungary –

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Global Ecovillage Network Conference 2012

Jul 2012 – 13. Jul 2012 at Eco-Valley Foundation (Hungary)

Ecovillages act as research and training centres for sustainable development within wider society. Alongside the abundance of networking opportunities and the flow of inspiration within and between participants, the hosting Eco-Valley Foundation will serve as a living example and field of practice for the themes of this year’s conference:

  • Global Scope of GEN – meeting engaged GEN-networkers and learning from best practice examples from all over the planet, including GEN-Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
  • Developments in GEN – an interactive map of sustainability projects for the world; the first Ecovillage Design Education courses in Senegal, Congo and South Africa 
  • Villages in Transition to Resilience – how traditional village networks can use participatory design processes for the journey towards a sustainable society; and ways of reversing the trend towards urbanization.
  • Gaming – how to express our dedication to, and love for, the world in quests, adventures and shared journeys that are fun instead of hard work!!
  • Sustainable Economy – alternatives to the prevalent growth model for creating resilient local economies e.g. a community-wide currency, developing fair trade relationships and more …
  • Alternative Technology – hands-on experience and the theoretical background to innovative technologies that make a real difference
  • NextGEN  – The next generation in the Global Ecovillage Network: involving youth and young adults in sustainable projects

More Workshops: 

Each day of the conference will start with talks and project presentations, move into smaller group conversations and then be followed by Workshops and Open Space in small groups in the afternoon.

The conference will provide a multitude of opportunities to get to know the other participants and for informal exchange. Each participant will also be a member of a Home Group where they can touch base and deepen their experience each day.

The conference will be facilitated by Capra Carruba, Robin Alfred and Kosha Joubert.