Come and join the Fyresdal Ecovillage Vision and make it come true.

Written by Linda.

The 6th and 7th october we will all meet in Foldsæ -where there is space enough to make a Love ,Peace and Freedom -eco-community for a hundred people and kids!!!

The buildings are already there and if we are many enough we will be able to buy the whole farm. Or rent it for the time being, until money-issue is solved. The view is fantastic and there is no noise of any kind.And water is fresh and the great lake is close by.So are the mountains and woods for us ,to make more cabins and for fires.Inside and outside.

There are great rooms for biodanza and workshops and space for doing arts and music for fun and therapies!!
This beautiful place in Telemark has been grown organically for many years already-and is just waiting for us to take over and finally make our real dreams come true!!!Living close to Mama Earth and sharing life and fun through growing our own vegetables,fruits,berries -and baking our own bread in stoneoven buildt outside!!
This is a very rare opportunity to find a great farm like this with so many good buildings,thousand acres with wood and 300 acres of land for growing what we need.
All of you please bring some vegetarian food to share for supper saturday and breakfast sunday!!

Love from Universe ♥

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