Ecovillage Design Education in Denmark

(I am posting the below for general information even though the application deadline has passed.)

EDE in Denmark

A number of full tuition scholarships have now been made available for the first Ecovillage Design Education to be held in Denmark. The four-week long program certified by Gaia Education will take place in Hallingelille eco-village from August 5th – September 1st 2012. The scholarships cover the tuition fee (Euro 1050.-) and you only have to pay for accommodation and food, i.e.: Euro 750.-

Deadline for applications is Friday 25th May. Confirmation of acceptance will be provided by June 1st.

Joining the EDE programme in Hallingelille, Denmark, you are offered the chance to study the common global EDE curriculum developed by Gaia Education. At the same time, you will experience and learn from some of the relevant strengths that the Danish culture and traditions have to offer in the transition towards a more sustainable way of living.

A highly advanced approach to adult education and life-long learning have been developed over the last century e.g. by the tradition of Danish Folk-high-schools. The learning approach emphasizes experiential learning, practice-reflection, personal development, existential contemplation, and high degrees of participant involvement and co-creation.

A strong culture of effective and powerful democratic organization has formed at the grass-root and civil society level. Denmark has a high level of citizen involvement in civil associations and voluntary work, and a strong tradition of consumer and producer co-operatives in the food sector. The Danish style of leadership in work as well as educational settings emphasize qualities such as participation and involvement, co-creation and creativity, collaboration based on self-direction and individual free and critical thought, focus on trusting and open relationships, dialogue, and team-work.

A rapid transformation towards a sustainable food culture is under way. The New Nordic Kitchen (promoted e.g. by NOMA currently rated the worlds best restaurant) emphasizes local organic foods. The share of mainstream consumers who prefer and buy ecologically certified foods is one of the highest in the world. Transformation of the farming industry towards more sustainable models is gaining momentum.

For decades, Denmark has been at the leading edge in many eco-technologies such as wind power, efficient heating systems, energy conservation, water treatment, recycling, eco-architecture etc. Living and learning for 4 weeks in Hallingelille, you will join an intentional community which is only 5 years old and offers exiting stories and qualities of forming community, resolving conflicts and respecting and celebrating differences, while continually searching for ways to live more sustainable.

You can get more information about the EDE curriculum and the content of the program on the website: